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How To Play

How To Play

  • Create an account via your email / mobile number or login with your facebook  / google account and can get 1000 foxcredits to make predictions.

  • Select matches / events across various sports based on the time frame when they are activated for making predictions. Usually, an event will be opened 5 days before the occurrence of the event and predictions will close 15 minutes before the event commences.

  • Make predictions across various questions and submit your predictions. You may change your predictions as many times as you like during the prediction open window.

  • After the completion of the event, the “foxcoins” that you win based on your correct predictions will be automatically credited to your account.

  • There are 2 types of currencies in the game – “Foxcredits” and “Foxcoins”. Foxcredits are required to make predictions and CANNOT be redeemed for prizes, nor can they be converted to foxcoins. For every prediction that you make either at the match level or tournament level, a certain number of foxcredits will be deducted from your account (this is displayed against each prediction option). Various questions have different foxcredit requirements. You may choose to predict on 1 or more questions. However, for a match or for the tournament, if you make predictions to all the questions and get a 100% success ratio, you stand to win more than the usual foxcoins. This added bonus varies from match to match and is displayed on the match prediction page. Foxcoins are accumulated by making winning predictions. Foxcoins will be used to redeem prizes once you reach the requisite level for a certain prize item.

  • You may check your foxcoin and foxcredit balance anytime in your player profile.

  • Prizes are awarded upon reaching milestones of foxcoins or being amongst the top players after the completion of an event or season as notified. After making various correct predictions and accumulating foxcoins you may choose to redeem the prize that can be exchanged for the value of the foxcoins collected by you. Once you have redeemed a prize, your foxcoins will be deducted from your account to match the redeemed amount.

  • You can get further foxcredits by referral joining as well. Someone you refer through our integrated social media from your profile page, and then if he / she joins with your code, you will be eligible to get 250 foxcredits. Also you can get more foxcredits by converting your available foxcoins to foxcredits (10 foxcoins = 100 foxcredits).

  • Don't worry, if you are zero with your foxcredits, you need to fill up a survey form from your my profile page, we will immediately add 250 addtional foxcredits to enjoy prediction. 

  • Some of the questions will be “2X”, “3X”, "5X" and more. This means that when you make a correct prediction for these questions, you get 2 times or 5 times foxcoins for every correct prediction.

  • Predictions can be made at match level or at tournament level.

  • You may also browse through player profiles and match performances of various players/teams to aid you in your predictions. This is available in our stats section.

  • You also stand to earn foxcredits when you refer other friends to play the game.

  • Season 2 of predictfox ends on 10th February, 2021. Any coins collected by you must be redeemed within that period after which your foxcoin balance will revert back to zero and a new season, as Season 3 will start from 1st March, 2021.

  • You may opt to predict across various events in various sports like cricket, soccer, tennis, formula one and motogp racing. Your foxcoins keep accumulating across any events that you participate in from time to time and can be redeemed anytime of your choosing.

  • Once redeemed, your prize will be delivered to you within 7 to 10 business days.